16 July 2011

Well, things seem to be tracking right for our little clan these days. The kids are a mix of absolute joy and a healthy dose of derrière discomfort. They're kids, I guess.

We put our house on the market 11 days ago, at a very uncomfortable (low) price. It worked. Received two offers after just six days and actually got higher than the asking price ($100 is $100...). We close on Aug 30th...as long as the inspection/appraisal and financing go well. So, we're nervous but hopeful.

Then, 2 days ago, the wife and I found our kingdom a real castle. Made a strong offer and got the contract (it should be being signed as I type). We're going from a two bedroom poorly laid out 1400 square feet with curbside parking and no yard to speak of to an open floor plan with four bedrooms, 3000 square feet, a deck, 2-car garage and .27 acres of yard. And the kitchen? Holy moly what I'm going to be able to get done in that space...

Great elementary school and a really nice, put together neighborhood. We close on the 31st of Aug, and move that same day. Crazy. Then, two days later, we head to the Outer Banks of N. Carolina for a week with our great friends C & J and their two rug rats. Going to be a GREAT time. Beers, pools, beaches, and awesome company. And, we'll get to come "home" to our new castle. For the first time in quite a while, things feel really really positive in our little world.

The idiot (me) manifested this morning. As part of the sale of our townhome, we agreed to recarpet the staircase on the main level. $500 job, not a big deal. The guys showed up to bang it out this morning (Empire Carpet is worth EVERY penny...highly recommend them) and did a fantastic and FAST job. In and out in 35 minutes. I, however, did not have a single shekel in the house to give them as a tip. It was really awkward. I felt awful. Still do. I DID overpay for the job (a $375 job but a $500 minimum installation floor) but still...I wish I'd have had $20 to give each of them.

Well, next time I'll make sure I've got cash on me when having work done. Maybe I'll feel less douche-baggy.

15 July 2011

It's killing me

Short post.  Because I need to get it out and I think about 4 people, including myself, actually pay attention to this gas station bathroom of a blog on the interweb superhighway.

Contract on the current house, waiting for appraisal.  Nervous.

Offer on what would be a spectacular place to spend the next 4-7 years (or more)...should hear back today.  REALLY nervous.

I just want it to be September 1st...I trade my summer for this to be behind us.

If it all works, I'm going to suggest you, dear reader, to invest in Pottery Barn stock...the wife is going to heat up the plastic furnishing our kids' rooms....

FINGERS CROSSED (men it"s hard to tyep liek thaat)