09 November 2011

And it begins...

It was a tough day at work today. It's often that way with research. Best laid plans and still no "positive" result to build on. Oh well, it'll either get better or I'll get to retire early...like REALLY early.

To help de-stress this evening, I carted Paige to her tap/ballet/gym class. It gives me 55 minutes to screw around on the interweb and/or just sort of be still. So I jumped at the chance, while the wife usually does the honor.

In the car on the way over Paige and I were talking about her transition to her new school. She lamented that she misses her old friends and that she really wanted to play with Calliana and Ella today but they weren't at her new school. It made me a little sad, but she very quickly started talking about her new friends that she was making, with quite a bit of vigor, so I stopped feeling as bad.

That's when it happened. She started naming all of the kids in her class, because I told her I don't really know anyone very well yet. Camden, Isabella, Kaitlyn...MAXWELL.

Maxwell, and I quote "him always tries to hug me and kiss me, for real, everyday. Him really likes me and told me he wants to marry me (said through a series of squeaky giggles)."

Me: "did you kiss him Paige?"

Paige: "well, I didn't have on pretty clothes, and him didn't have on handsome pants, so we didn't get married...Daddy? Do I have a white dress in my closet?"

WTF??? She's 4!!!

Thank god I've got the iPad so that I can blog and shop for a Desert Eagle at the same time.

I'd like to go back to work now...


  1. I don't get the Desert Eagle part ... but hey, if him doesn't have handsome pants on and she didn't have on pretty clothes then she's "safe" ... just send her to school dirty (or in her "un-pretty clothes"), ha ha! Just kidding. She's too cute!!! Love me that Paigey-pooh! And when did you think it would start, the thinking about boys and getting married one day, she's a girl! :o)

  2. Desert Eagle = .50 caliber handgun