23 April 2012

Father Failure

Had a pretty miserable run as a father today. It does not excuse my actions, but I am under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress at work right now.

Taryn: I would like to apologize for not having more time this morning. It led to a bad situation where I was not able to be as patient with you as you needed me to be. I can't undo it, and I hope you have forgiven me.

I am PROUD of you. You used the potty for me tonight, and that was a great thing. You are fiercely independent, a trying but noble trait. It is not going to be an easy ~year for us, but I hope you know I'm trying to make you a more respectful little girl. I don't hate you, not even close.

Paige: you're a fantastic kid. I'm sorry I got on your case at dinner about how
You were sitting at the table. Sometimes Daddies screw up. You're my best buddy, my Paigey pop and I love you.

I'll try to do better tomorrow.


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  1. Hopefully you told the girls and didn't just blog - so important to let them know that you know you can screw up and are not perfect. Many small people expect that the big people in their lives know everything. We don't - we just hope to keep ahead of them for a while and when they catch up we hope they still listen to us and when they are all grown we hope they can be our friends. Apologies help! mom